Driving Courses

Pass Plus course – Once you have passed your practical driving test, you will be eligible to take a Pass Plus course.  This course is a minimum of 6 hours and consists of six modules about driving in different conditions. For more information on Pass Plus click here.  Once you have completed the course you will be awarded a certificate.  Most insurance companies offer a discount off insurance which can be up to 50%.  In order to qualify for the DVSA certificate, you must take the course within 12 months of passing your practical test.
Perhaps you are already a full licence holder and just want to increase your confidence on motorways.  Our instructors are happy to just do a motorway lesson if that is all you require.

Motorway Lessons – You may just want to have an extra driving lesson to gain the right experience of driving on motorways.  At present, you have to hold a full driving licence but the law may soon be changing so driving instructors can carry out lessons on a motorway for learner drivers.

Refresher lessons – You may have been driving for many years and are beginning to lose your confidence.  Or you may have given up driving several years ago and now need to drive because of a change in your family circumstances.  Whatever your situation, we are happy to help you regain your confidence behind the wheel.  If you prefer, we are willing to take you out in your own vehicle.  In this case we offer a reduction in lesson price.