Angry driver in Bedford.

On a driving lesson in Bedford today one of our new pupils is learning very quickly and really enjoying the start of her driving career. The pupil, I’ll call her ‘Jane’, was having her 4th lesson and is becoming more confident so today’s lesson was to learn how to handle slightly more busy roundabouts than the quiet practice ones we had done on previous lessons.

At Jo Folkes Driver Training we pride ourselves on teaching our pupils to drive safely and not just to pass tests.  We believe it is far safer to experience real situations and learn from other drivers’ behaviour!

The majority of drivers are courteous and patent with learner drivers in Bedford and it is rare to come across road rage.  However, we witnessed possibly the most dangerous driving by a young lady in a van who was clearly, extremely upset!

As we arrived up at the roundabout to turn left onto Clapham Road by Sainsburys, a few vehicles were approaching from our right so we gave way, as one should. In her haste to move off, Jane happened to stall the engine, (as learners often do to begin with) and this apparently was of surprise and annoyance to the female driver behind.  Quite why she would be shocked that a learner driver should stall the engine is beyond me since we have a large box on the roof with various other signs stating the driver is a learner!

Nevertheless, Mrs Angry sounded her horn violently whilst shaking her fist and making some rather uncouth gestures! Despite the circumstances Jane remained very calm, restarted the engine and pulled onto the roundabout at the very next opportunity.

Just in case the angry lady hadn’t seen my glaringly obvious roof sign, I pointed up at it to draw her attention to the fact that the driver of the vehicle in front of her, is learning to drive.

As we turned left, I encouraged my pupil to make progress because the road ahead was clear and she did as she was asked increasing her speed to the maximum speed of 30 mph.  Ahead of us was a vehicle waiting to turn right so after checking behind Jane naturally began to gradually reduce her speed to wait until road ahead was clear again.

Mrs Angry clearly didn’t see this hazard ahead of her and proceeded to undertake us on the left hand side, sounding her horn again and sped up the road at a great rate of knots driving her vehicle well over the speed limit!

Jane, understandably believed, because she is a learner, that she had done something wrong.  I explained she had done absolutely nothing wrong and not all drivers in Bedford behave in this appalling manner.

Fortunately Jane is a level headed learner driver and was not particularly phased by this incident but really, what did this lady gain by behaving this way?  We actually caught her up and stopped behind her at the traffic lights so it didn’t actually do her any good.

I wonder if Discount car parts in Bedford would be impressed with her driving antics, especially as she is representing their business and where are the police when you want them?

If you are looking to take driving lessons in Bedford and want to learn how to cope calmly with this type of driver, we are here to help.

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