Has Bedford Borough Council run out of paint?

As a driving instructor in Bedford I spend a lot of time being a passenger teaching learner drivers in Bedford. It has always been a bugbear for Bedford driving instructors that our learner drivers are not able to read the road markings in our town.

At the beginning of each driving lesson in Bedford the instruction to our pupil is….’Please take the road ahead, following the signs and road markings and if I want you to turn left or right, I will tell you in plenty of time’. Firstly, because when they are driving alone this is basically what they will do themselves and secondly, when they take the practical driving test in Bedford, this is the instruction the DSA driving examiner will give them.

Learning to drive in Bedford is not the easiest thing to do for a learner driver at the best of times and asking them to read the road markings is virtually impossible where they are so worn out. In some places, they are so bad, they hardly exist at all! Even experience drivers have difficulty seeing where they should be driving and which lane to use as is evident by the extremely bad road position they take up. The fact they don’t know where they should be driving could and does lead to collisions on the road. There are many times I witness drivers sounding their horns at one another in frustration at their lane discipline and general confusion.

Going to pick a pupil up from Flitwick, for a driving lesson in Bedford on Friday, I couldn’t help notice that the road markings had been freshly painted or are very clear for all to see! Correct and clear road markings and signage will avoid a lot of unnecessary expense and injury for Bedford’s road users.

Your own website mentions how ‘The Highway Code gives examples of the lines in normal use and their associated rules’. So, Bedford Borough Council, how about finding some money in your budget to have the correct reflective road markings repainted so all drivers can see where exactly they should be driving on Bedford’s roads!

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