Bedford Driving Test Centre moved to Cardington today.

Are you ready to take your driving test in Bedford?

If you want to take your driving test in Bedford the driving test centre moved today to the new location of the DSA Training Establishment on Harrowden Road, Cardington.

It is intended to be a temporary move and the waiting room is Portacabin.  Unfortunately, there are no toilet or refreshment facilities but a water machine is available.

If you are not a driving instructor in Bedford but are accompanying a learner for their test, you will be asked to remain in the waiting room and not wander around the training centre, unless you are going with the learner on their test.

Candidates will not be asked to turn left out of the test centre as to emerge onto the approach road to Shortstown is a hazardous start to the driving test.  Possibly a wise decision by the DSA.

If you are learning to drive in Bedford and are not currently taking lessons with a Bedford driving school, you may like to take some lessons with a driving instructor in Bedford to gain a good understanding of what the examiner will be looking for and where you may go on your test.

In particular, you will definitely be asked to negotiate the Cardington Cross roundabout so you will need to know which lanes to use for each exit.  You will not want to get it wrong or this could prove to be a costly failure at the beginning of your test.

Jo Folkes Driver Training offer both Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Bedford and are happy to help you through these types of junctions and prepare you for your driving test.

If you would like to find out more about the new test centre or just need some advice about taking driving lessons in Bedford  please give us a call.

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