Bedfordshire on Sundays ‘Dozy parkers’ section takes off!

Just for a bit of fun, Bedfordshire on Sunday publish photo’s of ‘Dozy parkers’ in the town.   Each week there appear to be increasingly more photos in this section.  It may seem amusing but can be rather embarrassing for those who feature in the articles.  If you are one of those people who really struggles to park, our driving instructors in Bedford are able to help.

It may simply be that you were not taught how to park either on the road or in a bay, when you took your driving lessons in Bedford.  Or you were taught but your driving instructor didn’t spend enough time letting you practice to become confident at parking in realistic places.

Either way, our driving school in Bedford has female driving instructors who are patient and friendly and will show you how to park your car with confidence.

Don’t become a victim of the Beds on Sundays ‘Dozy parkers’ section!!

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