Changing the date of your driving test is a privilege not a right!

This morning, one of our driving instructors in Bedford called the DSA practical driving test booking line to change the date of a driving test for one of our pupils.  It was a simple request to initially change 2 test dates around.

Jo Folkes Driver Trainings’ Driving School in Bedford offers a service to pupils where we will book driving their tests directly with DSA (Driving Standards Agency) , free of charge.  We are more than happy to offer this facility and because we book tests regularly, we are familiar with the online booking system.

On the odd occasion, for various reasons, we may need to change the date of a driving test and in the past this has been absolutely no problem for the DSA.

Whilst requesting this change today the operator at the DSA said, ‘on this occasion we will make this change but this is a privilege, not a right!’  We were somewhat shocked to hear them say this, after all, our pupils are customers of the DSA and surely they do have the right to change the date of their driving test should they so wish!

So, a warning to anyone looking to take driving lessons in Bedford followed by a practical driving test, if you need to change the date of your test, please be aware this may not be as straight forward as you think.

The DSA booking office used to be open during normal office hours and Saturday mornings but now, you can only call them between 8am and 12pm Monday to Friday.  If you need to speak to someone personally, these hours may not be convenient to many people.

What do you think about this?  We welcome your comments.

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