Please clear your car windows so you can see properly!

Misted windows?

Today we were treated to some lovely sunny weather and the temperature has gone up too!

One of the first things we should all remember is it check that our windows are clear and we can see out of them properly.

This morning, although it was sunny, it was still slightly cold.  First thing in the morning, in these conditions, car windows are normally covered with early morning dew which takes time to clear.  So, if this dew is not cleared from side windows, it obscures a drivers’ view.

Whilst on one of my driving lessons in Bedford this morning my pupil was driving at a sensible speed for the circumstances, checking into side roads exactly as I have taught her.  We always encourage our learner drivers in Bedford to have a quick glance into side roads, just in case someone is emerging without looking or there is another hazard they may need to stop for.

As we drove along the road, the front of a car emerged from a side road.  With cars parked obscuring us from the drivers’ view, he kept creeping out.  Because his windows were completely covered in dew, he could not see our car and kept driving into the road.  Eventually, he did see us, and stopped!

If he had taken the time to clear his side windows he would have avoided this near miss and been a lot less embarrassed about the whole situation!

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