When you are driving in Bedford, can you see where you’re going?

Whilst taking a pupil for her driving lesson in Bedford this morning, she was driving very nicely down Castle Road, being mindful of oncoming vehicles, just as I have taught her, when a lady in an oncoming vehicle seemed to be driving towards us.  We began to slow and keep as far over to the left as safely possible.  As the oncoming vehicle got closer, we realised exactly why she was driving too far over our side of the road….. she had an abundance of shawls, rubbish and cans on the front dashboard of her car which were completely obscuring her vision!  She could hardly see over the steering wheel too because she was sitting so low down in the seat!

Driving like this can be extremely dangerous and is the potential cause of accidents and I don’t know if this lady realises just how hazardous it is to have the front dashboard loaded up with so many items.  Not to mention the fact that if anything were to fall on the drivers side foot well and slide under her foot controls, it would compromise her control!

At Jo Folkes Driver Training, we teach you to ensure you are seated correctly and how to get the best possible view out of all your windows!  If you want to learn how to drive safely call our driving instructors in Bedford now and we will be pleased to help.



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