Is your driving instructor in Bedford teaching you legally?

How To Spot An Illegal Driving Instructor

It is really important that when you learn to drive, you use an approved driving instructor.  Section 123 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 prohibits drivers from receiving payment for giving driving lessons unless they have passed the Driving Standards Agency’s demanding three part test.

So how do you know if your driving instructor in Bedford is giving driving lessons illegally or legitimately?   A pink or green dated licence must be displayed at all times in the driving instructor’s car.   Professional driving instructors go through vigorous testing and will be continually tested and CRB checked. They should be friendly, helpful and 100% committed to helping you learn to drive. It is important to always report a driving instructor to the Driving Standards Agency if they show any signs of inappropriate behaviour.   Think twice about going with a driving instructor offering cheap driving lessons in Bedford as it may mean that they are not yet qualified

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