Is your driving instructor teaching you to be hazard aware?

I have been teaching learner drivers in Bedford for over 13 years now and still find it surprising what some driving instructors in Bedford do or don’t teach their pupils.  It’s all very well advertising how they will ‘get you through your test in the quickest time possible’ but how safe and confident will you be on your own, once you have passed the test?

I have recently taken on a pupil from another driving school in Bedford and having failed one test already has understandably taken a knock in confidence.  When we discussed what happened on the test I established that the pupil had not in fact been taught anything about potential or developing hazards or indeed, what action to take.

It’s hard to believe that anyone can be taught to drive without being advised of the possible dangers on the road.

So what are some instructors actually teaching their learner drivers in Bedford?  The pupil in question had been told to ‘do your mirror checks’.  This is all very well, but they are only encouraged to ‘go through the motions’ and not to actually see what is there.

We come across this on a worryingly increasing basis, so it begs the question, are driving schools in Bedford just churning out test passes and not worrying about the consequences for their pupil after they have passed?

Jo Folkes Driver Training cannot guarantee you will pass your test on the first attempt (although most of our pupils do in fact pass first time)  but we will ensure you are made aware of what a hazard is and how to deal with it safely.  We will also not encourage you to take your test until you feel ready to take it and able to drive safel alone.  The pupil we are referring to said he didn’t feel ready to take it but was told to ‘have a go’.

May be this is why we still have an unacceptably high accident rate for our supposed high standard of driving in this country.  Come on DSA… do something about the requirements for instruction and hours behind the wheel before a test can be taken.  Take a leaf out of Australia’s book.

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