Jo Folkes Driver Training Bedford asks, are you spending enough time about thinking how to drive?

This may seem odd to some people but when you are learning a new skill like driving, it is very helpful to practice mentally.  We explain to our pupils, it’s a bit like programming a computer.  Going through the motions in your head and in a car with the engine switched off can really help to train/programme your brain.  Then, when you come to physically drive, your brain has the programme there and driving becomes easier.

So, we were pleased to come across this article from a lady who obviously has an instructor who thinks the way we do!

My driving has shifted up a gearSimulating driving worked for Penny

SO, my fake driving and making a fool of myself paid off.

My colleagues and fellow travellers might have laughed as I simulated driving on the train and at my desk but I’m chuffed to bits with my technique because it worked.
Last week I filled my spare moments with thoughts of roundabouts, lanes, reversing and gear changes and that extra mental practice meant that my last driving lesson was the best yet.
I really feel as if everything started to click into place.
Even my instructor noticed the difference, when I told him I’d been “thinking driving” all week he told me to keep it up. So, clearly he could see a change.
My test is very close now and for the first time, I’m sort of looking forward to it.

Thursday May 3,2012     By Penny Stretton,

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