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Don’t pull out!
It was a lovely sunny day today so we decided to go for our usual pilgrimage to the Cotwolds for a delicious breakfast on the motorbikes. (I am a pillion on my husbands bike!) The roads were slightly damp but gradually drying out by the sun.  I have every faith in our motorcycle riders as they are safe drivers and always ready to deal with a hazardous situation, planning well ahead and prepared for anything to happen.  We have covered some 7,000 miles together around Europe and trust one anothers driving. My husband and I were taking the lead and as we approached our destination, a car was waiting to emerge from a road on the right.  I’m not sure if she had not seen us or merely misjudged our speed, despite having our headlight on, but the driver took the decision to pull out right in front of all 3 motorcycles!  Fortunately, my husband is an experienced motorcyclist and was expecting her to pull out but still had to brake hard to avoid what could have been a nasty accident. 

Just because you see a motorcyclist approaching, don’t be fooled by the fact that because it’s appears smaller, its speed will be equal to a car because the fact is, its stopping distance will be longer than a car!

So, next time you see an approaching motorcyclist please make sure you consider whether or not it’s safe to pull out! And, if you do happen to pull out by mistake, pick up your speed quickly.  Yes, you guessed it; the driver in question did not!

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