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Bedford parking firm’s apology after drivers’ fine fury


Maureen Atkin and Brian Glenister both recieved fines after using the car park
Maureen Atkin and Brian Glenister both recieved fines after using the car park


THE PARKING enforcement company accused of mistakenly handing out fines to innocent drivers has apologised.

This week Civil Enforcement Limited, who run Greyfriars Car Park in Bedford, issued an apology following weeks of pressure from Bedfordshire on Sunday.

It claims that it sent penaltiy charges out because drivers had put their registration number in incorrectly and the automatic number plate recognition device had vehicles down as unpaid.

Earlier this month BoS ran the story of mother-of-four Nicki Hussain who paid a £75 fine (the charge if a penalty was paid within 14 days) fearing it would affect her husband’s driving licence.

Her tale was the first of many with readers swamping us with calls furious they had been fined while visiting QD Stores in the town.

The retail firm even held talks with the site landlords as customers vowed to never shop there again after being fined.

This week the shop put up signs in its windows informing patrons they don’t run the car park.

One of the unlucky drivers was Maureen Atkins from Putnoe (pictured).

Mrs Atkins was penalised after parking-up on Christmas Day to attend a service at near-by St Joseph’s Church.

She said: “I have never had a problem at this car park and I have always parked there to go to church.

“I’m not heartened that the charges will be reviewed independently they should be cancelled.

“I will never park there again and I won’t pay them a penny. – I won’t give them the satisfaction.

“It’s disgraceful.”

A statement issued by Civil Enforcement Ltd apologised to drivers affected by the fines.

It said: “In response to concerns expressed in Bedfordshire on Sunday regarding Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) issued at the Greyfriars car park, we would like to apologise to anyone inadvertently affected and reassure motorists that each case is being independently reviewed.”

A spokeswoman added: “So far, results have found that a number of the tickets were in fact issued because the motorists had entered their vehicle registration numbers incorrectly into the key pad.

“We will ensure we monitor our systems closely to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience for motorists.”

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