Licence to kill – worth watching on BBC

You may have been watching Sophie Morgan on BBC lately presenting a programme called ‘Licenced to Kill’.

Sophie was involved in a serious crash after driving too fast on approach to a bend on a country road.

Please take a few moments to read Sophie’s story and watch her programme now repeated on BBC3 iplayer.

When you are choosing your driving instructor in Bedford we would urge you to consider just how much experience they will be giving you.

Will they:

  • Allow you to drive out of Bedford to places like Luton, Milton Keynes and St.Neots?
  • Give you plenty of driving experience in as many different situations as possible
  • Be teaching just to pass a test or to drive safely?

Before you book your driving lessons in Bedford, we would advise you make sure you know what you are expecting to learn and just how good and safe you will be at driving, before you begin driving on your own.

Please make sure you choose the right driving school in Bedford.

Call Jo Folkes Driver Training now for more information.

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