Would you pass your test if you took it today?

Local driving school in Bedford asks, how much of the Highway Code can you remember?

Jo Folkes Driver Training in Bedford recommend keeping your knowledge up to date with the new Haynes Highway Code.  We encourage our pupils to drive safely and not just to pass a test.  By being taught corretly in the first place, will avoid having accidents due to lack of knowledge!

One in three road users believe they would fail their theory test if they had to take it today, according to the results of a newly published survey conducted by publishers Haynes, the same research also found that one in five car drivers don’t know how to carry out basic checks on their oil level, brake fluid and battery.  “Younger road users are generally less confident at DIY than older riders and drivers.”

What’s in it for Haynes? They’ve just published books called Highway Code for Drivers, priced at £2.50 each. As well as the usual rules of the road, the books contain extra sections on basic maintenance and the ownership experience.

Haynes’ Jeremy Yates-Round said “We all remember cramming the Highway Code itself”.

http://www.haynes.co.uk for more details.

Taken from June issue of Ride Magazine 2012

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