Here you will find out what some of our pupils say about their experience with us.  We are sure you find this encouraging!

Edita Dubinskaite – 29th July 2014  Rating 5 STARS on Google+  

Very professional and friendly service. I’m really happy that I chose Jo Folkes. Can’t recommend enough.

Leah Cook – 24th February 2014  Rating 5 STARS on Google+

Jo taught me manual and helped me to pass first time with only 4 driving faults; Jo was always very reliable, always on time and flexible if you wanted to change your lesson. She also made sure that you were 100% confident with everything before you take your driving test and also the theory section of the test she made sure that you were aware of part of the practical aspect before you rushed into it so that I could also pass my theory first time, all the advice she gave I now appreciate and realise how much of a good instructor she was; thanks so much Jo!!

Zainab Mahmood – 22nd January 2014  Rating 5 STARS on Google+  

I contacted Jo after being let down by a previous instructor, immediately after meeting Jo for the first time I felt extremely comfortable. Jo was at all times professional by ensuring that my lessons were well structured and organised, while keeping me calm and composed with friendly talk. In addition Jo praised me every time I did something good, which made me a very confident driver. However at the same time Jo ensured that all my mistakes were corrected until perfected, for example the marsh leys multi lane roundabout was my main hate, however with Jo’s excellent teaching skills I can now deal with that roundabout like the back of my hand. With Jo’s teaching I went from a hesitant learner driver to a confident and skilled driver who could as Jo says “drive smoothly”. At the end of every lesson I walked away knowing I was closer to passing and I can ensure anyone that taking lessons with Jo is money very well spent, she is worth every penny and will not let you down. Without hesitation I would recommend Jo to all who are looking for a highly skilled trustworthy and reliable instructor. My little sister is very keen to join Jo as soon as we get her provisional licence back, before that waiting list of Jo’s gets any longer! I cannot thank Jo enough for helping me pass, and I would never have been able to pass without her help and support. Your brilliant at your job and a lovely person. xx

Margaret Holland – June 2013      5 Stars from Margaret

Jo was my driving instructor for several months , she was extremely patient and always had time to go through any queries I had until I understood everything. I had very little confidence at first and certain areas i.e. Marsh Leys and the Sandy/Cardington roundabout were my pet hates but she persevered until I managed to get it right! She is a very professional but thoughtful person, and with her help I passed my test first time. The Kia Picanto was a great little car to drive too!!

Liam Bishop  – 26th April 2013 

Quality, Excellent  I would definitely recommend Jo for anyone thinking of learning to drive. She is always calm and collected in the car, and there was never any shouting or barking of instructions. She always made me feel relaxed which helped me a lot when it came to making my own decisions in the car, and taking my test. I passed first time and feel really comfortable and most importantly safe in the car. My lessons were never rushed, and everything was always explained and covered properly so I never ended up doing something without knowing why, which helped me understand the rules of the road. I never felt like I was driving just to pass a test, but to learn everything properly so I could drive confidently and safely on my own. Thank you Jo!

Elena – 30th October 2012

Thank you Jo for helping me passing my driving test, you are the best, i have an experience driving outside of the UK and you helped me to overcome the difficulties of driving on the left hand side of the road, i will definitely recommend you to all of my friends, many thanks Jo

Garvin  – 29th October 2012

Driving was always one of my biggest fears, however Jo was able to make me feel at ease with being on the road. Her patience is second to none. Her method of teaching and her approach is tailor made for success. I will highly recommend anyone to her.

Lizzie ‎ – 24 Feb 2012

Learning to drive a gear car was never in my last 100 things to do before I died, however, as I decided to start my life in this country, learn how to drive safely by using an economic car was the answer to begin with. I didn’t know what I was getting into until I started, as you all know, it is challenge to learn driving when you come from abroad, and you are used to drive an automatic car and already have bad habits. Fortunately I got to have a professional driver instructor like Jo, she not only has the knowledge, the right attitude, and the disposition to teach, but also is a friendly person with a sweet voice, who keeps telling you what to do, and when. One of the most interesting things is the picture drawing, which allows you to understand the theory part of the training as well as the practice. Jo is a committed professional with one goal in her mind, to contribute with the creation of a new generation of Excellent Drivers in this country. Drivers with common sense, knowledge and skills to keep the streets safe for everyone…I will recommend Jo to anyone who wants to learn good driving while having a nice atmosphere, on time- flexible lessons and feel confident on a day by day progress. At the end, the final result is just amazing not only has the Examiner told you…Congratulations you have passed your test!!!! But also, when you start driving on your own, you feel the responsibility to set example and be safe….Thanks Jo, it really was a nice and productive journey….Elizabeth

Abby ‎ – 20 Feb 2012

Jo is friendly and lovely from the moment you meet her and is worth every penny as a reliable driver instructor, I have recommended her to all of my friends. She is a very patient and helpful teacher, even with a person who easily doubts themselves (me). I will be taking my test soon, as we have both agreed I’m ready to take the step as my confidence in driving and myself have grown with the experience, wish me luck 🙂 .

Ben Maries ‎ – 19 Feb 2012

I’ve enjoyed every moment of my driving tuition with Jo! I don’t have a car to practice in since both my parents drive automatics, but I’ve learnt really well from my time with Jo, she is friendly, helpful and determined. I have settled into driving, I was stiff as a stick when I started but now I love it. Cannot recommend enough!

Ben ‎ – 11 Feb 2012

I learnt to drive in 2010 and my driving instructor in Bedford was Jo Folkes. I was probably the worse person to teach how to drive. I did not actually want to learn to drive and was, in fact, being kindly pushed by my employer to help the needs of the company. So I was not terribly enthusiastic. But Jo was very patient with me and was able to get me through many lessons when my motivation was not the highest. I found Jo to be a very friendly instructor and easy to get on with. I never felt that I was hurried into doing things I did not feel ready to do but, equally, Jo kept setting realistic targets and goals for my lesson. I felt very comfortable about the pace of the lessons and definitely felt ready and properly prepared when we arranged for my test. I felt the lessons were very thorough. Jo always stressed to me the importance of driving safely. This has very much stuck with me to this day. I am proud to say that I still check my mirrors at the right points in my driving and am very conscious of my speed. I feel I do drive safely and so much of this is due to the automatic behaviour instilled in me in my lessons. The final proof of Jo’s skills is that I actually passed my driving test first time! Thanks, Jo!

Mary ‎ – 5 Feb 2012

I was nervous when I first started taking lessons as I was in my 40’s but Jo really eased my nerves and helped me through the experience. I couldn’t of coped without her and I’ve now been on the road four years with no accidents.  Thank you Jo!

Gerri ‎ – 31 Jan 2012

Thanks to Jo Folkes Driver Training I passed my test first time round with only 1 minor fault! Both Jo and Kath are very professional, patient driving instructors in Bedford who motivate you and make you believe in yourself. Initially I experienced a lot of selfdoubt about my driving and didn’t think I would ever be ready for my test, but with encouragement from Kath (who is fantastic!) I relaxed more and ended up enjoying my lessons. I was soon ready to sit my test and what an outcome!

Kat ‎ – 24 Jan 2012

Learning to drive is by no means an easy experience, there will be days you just feel like giving up, but Jo Folkes Driver Training stick by you every step of the way, giving you the encouragement you need. My instructor was friendly, motivating, and a pleasure to learn with. Thanks to her and Jo Folkes I passed first time. Would certainly recommend to anyone. Big thanks to Kath for seeing me through!

From Kelly – Passed 9th January 2012

I contacted Jo after being let down by another instructor. I had a test date already booked at time of contact & Jo very kindly agreed to take me on as a pupil. I had my first lesson with Kath, who is fantastic, on the 30th November 2011 & took my test on the 9th January 2012. I had 5 lessons with Kath & due to her teaching I passed my test (1st time) with only 2minor marks against me. I will without a doubt tell people who are looking to take driving lessons to contact either Jo or Kath. I am so pleased I was informed of them. I only had a few lessons with Kath but from my 1st lesson I felt at ease & comfortable with her, as a parent of 3 young children Kath was brilliant, being a parent herself, when I had to cancel a lesson due to 1 of them being poorly. If I had known about Jo Folkes driver training I most certainly would have started my lessons with them sooner. Thank you Jo & Kath. Thank you again for everything & helping me pass! Kelly