Road through Elstow to be resurfaced

Good news for Elstow residence!

For some time the road surface on the main road through Elstow has been breaking up.  At last the road is going to be resurfaced in April.  Click below for the notification from Bedford Borough Council.

BBC-725-RC-JH – High Street-Wilstead Road, Elstow

This road used to be the main road between Bedford and Luton so heavy traffic was the norm but, since the village was bypassed, it has become a much quieter road.

However, some drivers still use the village as a cut through and drive very quickly and far too fast to be safe.  There has been an increasing number of vehicles and these drivers have obviously not seen the regulatory road sign on the entrance at either end of the High Street and Wilstead Road.


This sign means ‘No motor vehicles’  and underneath the sign it says – ‘Except for access’.

Villagers have also noticed an increase in the number of Driving schools in Bedford using Elstow as a practice area.  This is possibly since the Bedford Driving Test Centre moved to Cardington!

With regular and heavy traffic driving through villages, it wears out the tarmac and means that more road surfacing needs to take place.

So, come on drivers, have some consideration for people who live in villages and don’t use them as a rat run!

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