Traffic trouble from new Morrisons causes woe for Bedford’s drivers

Driving instructors in Bedford agree the traffic on Ampthill Road is causing chaos, but is breaking the law the answer?

Traffic queues to get into the new Morrisons store in Bedford
Traffic queues to get into the new Morrisons store in Bedford

MOTORISTS have criticised a new supermarket for making one of Bedford’s busiest roads virtually impassable.

The new Morrisons in Ampthill Road, Bedford, has come under fire from drivers for causing so much traffic that it has backed up along the main road.

Others who commute from Luton say they are starting to drive through Elstow to avoid getting stuck at rush hour.

John Murray, 63, from Cotton End, said: “The traffic going in really stops things up which leaves everybody behind blocking the left lane while they wait to go in. I’ve been there twice now on different days and have given up in the end.”

A spokesman for Bedford Borough Council which controls the traffic flow, said: “The traffic implications of the development were carefully assessed when the planning application was being considered. As part of the planning permission, the developers were required to fund junction and carriageway improvements, including the works to the Ampthill Road – Rope Walk roundabout in order to accommodate the expected increase in traffic movements.

“The council monitors traffic levels across the borough and can make adjustments to signalling and signage if necessary.”


Our driving school in Bedford would urge commuters from Luton to look at the signs on the entrances to the village of Elstow.  There have recently been 2 crashes in the village and elderly residence take their life in their hands as they try to cross the road.  The signs at either end of the village are the prohibitory, no vehicles except for access, so commuters are committing a traffic offence if they use the village as a shortcut.  Whilst we sympathise with the frustration of sitting in traffic when trying to get to work on time, breaking the law is not the answer.

Jo Folkes Driver Training are interested in your views on this matter.

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