What should I wear on my feet to drive in?

Learning to drive during the winter can be daunting, but good experience to learn how to cope with driving in all weathers.  Our driving instructors in Bedford will show you how to drive safely in all conditions and give you all sorts of tips throughout your driving lessons in Bedford

As winter sets in, we wrap up warmly and prepare ourselves in the event of a breakdown.  After all, there’s nothing pleasant about standing on the side of the road in the cold, whilst waiting for help.

Looking fashionable is important to most of us but just how practical and safe is your footwear?

We always advise our learner drivers to wear shoes which are safe to drive in.

Loose fitting shoes or boots are not always a good idea, as one of my friends children found out on Boxing Day 2011.

Yes, you guessed it, she was wearing her new Ugg boots, she was given as a Christmas present!

These are far from suitable for driving in because they are loose and floppy on your feet.

Jayne, found this out to her cost…. when the vehicle in front of her stopped suddenly, she had to brake sharply, presumably because she was too close!  Her foot slipped off the brake pedal and got wedged between the brake and acelerator pedals and her car careered into the vehicle in front!

Sadly, Jayne’s lovely car, which she had saved hard to buy, was written off by the insurance company and she will no doubt be reminded of the event this Boxing Day!

So, when you select your footwear for driving, think carefully before you don you Ugg boots or the like.

If you want to be given more tips like this and learn how to drive safely in Bedford, call Jo Folkes Driver Training now.

Have a look at Page 18 in The DSA’s Official Guide to Driving The Essential Skills.

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