Why us?

We are dedicated to teaching ‘Safe Driving for Life!’

We pride ourselves on teaching our learners to drive safely.

Learning to drive is one of the most important life skills and we take your safety very seriously. When you consider the fact that you will be driving until you are no longer physically able, you want to know you are being taught correctly and safely.

We will be thorough throughout your lessons and make sure you understand fully, the importance of becoming a safe and confident driver.

Choosing the right instructor for you is essential since you will be spending quite a few hours together, not to mention the costs involved.

We will ensure you get the most out of each lesson and not drag them out unnecessarily.

We will arrive promptly for your lessons or make sure you know if, on the odd occasion, we are going to be late.

We will not ‘Piggy Back’! (‘Piggy Backing’ is where the next pupil is collected before the end of your lesson.) This practice is not fair on the learner in the driving seat as you are paying for our full attention!

We will not change or cancel lessons without good reason.