Additional Needs

Learning to drive can be overwhelming for anyone but especially for those with Special Educational Needs such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD. By taking a calm, patient and individual approach we can find a flexible and creative alternative to teaching that works for you. For additional information please visit the National Autistic Society click here:

Processing and sequencing information can be tricky when learning to drive. At Kath Bools Automatic our experienced instructor will help build routines by breaking down information into manageable parts. We will take notes during the session to assist with explanations, give regular breaks and support all aspects of learning right through to the driving test and beyond.

Kath Bools has participated in an Autism Awareness Training Programme Level 2: Supporting Autistic Adults and a Neurodiversity course and has many years of practical in car experience supporting neurodiverse learners.


Here’s what Cathy had to say…

My son has been having driving lessons for a few years now with Kath and it has been such a wonderful experience for him. My son is 22 and has high functioning Autism. He is a very quiet young man and has anxieties so we knew that it would take a patient, kind and gentle instructor to help him reach his goal which was to one day pass his test and drive independently, and that is exactly what we found with Kath. My son has become such a confident driver and this is all thanks to Kath who has always gone the extra mile to help him. Today, I can proudly say that my son Jordan achieved his dream, he passed his driving test, with no errors. Thank you Kath

Cathy Middleton

Mar 6, 2019