Driving nerves & anxiety

Kath Bools has many years of experience helping individuals manage their anxiety and stress around driving. Your lessons will be created around you, allowing you to work at your own pace and in a calm environment. We can provide you with free access to the Confident Drivers website which specialises in helping individuals:

  • Manage driving stress and calm nerves
  • Manage driving test nerves
  • Learn proven confidence building techniques
  • Learn transferable life skills, all of which are created by leading industry experts

We can help you understand your stress, why you react in certain ways, how stress can have an impact on your memory and how to deal with those negative thoughts around driving.

There are 8 different techniques offered by Confident Drivers from breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, mindfulness all the way to top tips in combating test day nerves. You can mix and match between methods to find what truly works for you, making your driving lessons completely tailored to your learning needs.

To find out more click here https://confidentdrivers.co.uk