Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

If I could give 10 stars ⭐️ I would!
Patient, understanding, encouraging, calm, friendly, professional .. these are just some of Kath’s qualities.
At times I wondered if my son Spencer would manage driving lessons due to his high levels of anxiety, and then I met Kath Bools. Kath took the time to get to know him, to understand his needs and to consistently encourage and support him with his driving. And yes! You know it! He passed first time 😃 so, so proud of my son and his achievement, and words cannot express how grateful I am to Kath for giving him an amazing confidence boost and the skill of driving for life 💕

Rachel Young

I have recently passed my driving test after taking automatic driving lessons with Kath Bools at Bedford. I have given her 5 stars because I can’t give more! She is top class. Very encouraging, flexible and patient. I felt that she was equally keen and concerned for me to pass the test. The lessons were very well planned and I loved the fact that she took complete charge. She is a brilliant instructor and I will highly recommend her. I could not have passed in such a short span without Kath.

Monika Dham

Definitely will recommend Kath Bools (Automatic, from Bedford) to anyone who would like to learn to drive as she is very professional, calm and just brilliant!

I knew her back in 2014 when I passed my driving first time. However, I needed her again now to bring my confidence back in driving after 3 years of not driving ( I have several reasons why I haven’t driven a car in those 3 years). But now, as a healthcare worker, a key worker who is due back to work after maternity, with 3 children and moved miles away from the hospital where I am working, I needed to get back into driving. Kath helped me to get back there, and would never again waste those skills.

Joann Permo

I’ve been driving for 15+ years but never been confident on motorways and decided to get some motorway lessons. I chose Kath pretty much randomly but completely lucked out – I got through quite a few instructors when I originally passed my test, and she is the best by far!

I think one of the things that is important is that she appreciates the psychological side of driving as well as the practical side and manages to be rigorous and understanding at the same time – no mean feat. As well as the motorway driving – I’m now not terrified of slip roads – she helped me a lot with brushing up my driving generally and also with parking.

Really glad that I picked Kath and decided to have some lessons, and would definitely recommend her.

Juliette Culver

Kath is an amazing instructor, experienced, knowledgeable and patient. I was a nervous and anxious learner, from the very first lesson, I felt safe and supported, she listened to my concerns and tailored the lessons to suit my skills and style of learning. I’m pleased to say I passed my test on my first attempt. Something that I don’t believe I would have been able to do had it not been for Kath and the lessons I had with her. Cannot recommend her and Jo Folkes driving highly enough.

N Farooq

My son has been having driving lessons for a few years now with Kath and it has been such a wonderful experience for him. My son is 22 and has high functioning Autism. He is a very quiet young man and has anxieties so we knew that it would take a patient, kind and gentle instructor to help him reach his goal which was to one day pass his test and drive independently, and that is exactly what we found with Kath. My son has become such a confident driver and this is all thanks to Kath who has always gone the extra mile to help him. Today, I can proudly say that my son Jordan achieved his dream, he passed his driving test, with no errors. Thank you Kath


I passed my driving test with only 3 minors; thanks to Kath. I highly recommend her. If you need a safe and guaranteed way to become an independent and safe driver for yourself and your loved ones and of course also to pass your test; Kath is the one. She is very competent and a real expert yet very patient and kind. She will tell you all the positives and negatives but you never ever feel criticized; on the contrary you feel safe and protected because she takes care of you that much. She is always on time and always positive. Her advice on driving, besides being very to the point and progressive; can also be taken as life lessons 🙂

After some time I passed my test, we also had another reminder session for the motorway driving skills which was also very very useful.
I plan to have those from time to time because it is always good to keep up to date. So besides having lessons as a new driver, you can also have lessons as an experienced driver to sharpen your skills.


Due to some bad instructor experiences and a whole lot of driving-related anxiety, I honestly didn’t think I could even book another test, let alone pass one. Kath was incredibly patient and kind, which I sorely needed after a lot of prior confidence-knocking. She totally understood where my neuroses were coming from, and went above and beyond to help me work through them. She was also generally just a pleasure to be in the car with!

Thanks to Kath’s hard work and incredible support, I passed yesterday with 0 faults and I still can’t quite believe it. I am eternally grateful to Kath and Jo Folkes in general for helping me in my hour of need, and instilling in me the desire and ability to drive. If only all driving schools were like this, I’m pretty sure I’d have passed much sooner and with way less stress! Thank you so, so much.

Carly Morris

It’s taken me until the age of 40 to learn how to drive and I have no regrets as it meant I got to learn with Kath! I’ve tried before but lack of confidence and terror has always held me back; Kath is not only an amazing instructor but she is a calm, caring and just generally lovely individual. I have no idea how she ever taught me to parallel park like a pro but she did. I cannot recommend Kath highly enough. She changed my life and I’m forever grateful!
Oh and I passed first time with only one minor – which at the start would’ve seemed unthinkable.

Banana Ramen